Monday, August 1, 2011

A "Down and Dirty" Guide to Theology

Theology is dry and uninteresting. Though I joyfully completed three years of seminary, I never quite got past this truism. I remember reading our three inch text book, written by Augustus Strong, with its bold face, normal, and small print fonts. I enjoyed the teachers, not the reading.

Donald K. McKim has overcome this memory - at least for the lay or beginning theology student. Not only is this reading interesting (I keep coming back to it to see what he says next), it is also practical. And not practical in the sense of "Practical Theology" (aka homiletics), but in the sense of helping the reader understand how Biblical truth can be applied to our daily lives - to my daily lives.

Though coming from a reformed perspective (Westminster John Knox Press), this Arminian theology student found the reading to be a breath of fresh air. Regardless of your theological background, Dr. McKim's "Down and Dirty" Guide to Theology will make for interesting and helpful reading.

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