Friday, October 14, 2011

Confirmation : A Review



Ralph Reed

(ISBN: 1433669248)

Confirmation has a good premise, but it has a difficult time getting it done. Some may enjoy this version of Washington politics as usual, I did not. If this is an accurate picture of the people (though fictionalized) involved at all levels of the 21st century political scene, then we really need to throw out all the politicians and rebuild our government.

Beginning with a very strange election to the office of the President of the United States, Independent Robert Long must deal a cast of characters that supported him during the election, as well as those from the Republican and Democratic party. Along with the politicos that define Long’s administration, he must also respond to his Clair’s, his wife’s, alcoholism.

Though the President does get his way, in the end, most of those whose lives are touched by the confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice will find their reputation hurt, their families damaged, and a sad lacking of God’s grace.

This review is based on an Advanced Readers Copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of completing this review.

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