Monday, May 16, 2016

Disaster Ministry Handbook - A Review

Disaster Ministry Handbook
Disaster Ministry Handbook.jpg
Jamie D. Aten
David M. Boan

A Review

Disasters come in many forms. The authors break them into four categories:

  1. Natural Disasters
  2. Technological and Accidental Hazards
  3. Terrorist Hazards
  4. Public Health Emergencies

The author then goes on to discuss the various phases disaster response must respond to in the initial hours after being identified through the days, weeks, months that follow. Rarely is a local church, according to the authors, prepared to make a planned response to such urgent disasters. This book is designed to assist the local church to make advance preparation in order to support its members and community.  At the same time it will want to dovetail its response to other responders (United Way, Salvation Army, first responders. etc.) in the community.
The book is designed for the church leadership (starting with the pastor, regardless of the church size) as they prepare a local response in their community - but part of that job is identifying members of the church family that can contribute to the church’s response. This would include health professionals, first responders, mental health providers, etc., who are part of the congregation. This represents the second audience for which the book is intended. Ultimately, the book is designed to assist the team that the local church will need to build in order to respond - both its leadership and those trained to work alongside.

The book not only builds a solid case for the church’s involvement in disaster recovery, but also provides practical tools to create a local church disaster response plan and how to integrate that response into that being provide by others in a given community, whether government or non-profit organizations.  

The authors present an new opportunity for local churches to minister within their local communities with the love of Christ during what can be some of the darkest times in that community’s life.

This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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