Monday, May 16, 2016

Double Knot - A Review

Double Knot
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Gretchen Archer

A Review

Having read a number of Gretchen Archer books, I expected to like this one. But it was not the book that excited me. It was the boat (err … ship) that the Bellissimo Resort made available to its patrons that really attracted me. In fact, I would encourage Henery Press to include a one week vacation on board as the prize in its next drawing.  

Here are the amenities - 50 state rooms/suites each furnished with its own chef and butler. In addition there are 17 restaurants on board, a submarine for extra vehicular excursions. And there is the obligatory casino. My only requirement would be not to be locked into my suite with a serial murderer who is trying to rob the other travelers blind.  

Of course that is where the very pregnant David (that is “Davis”, stupid) Way found herself. She also found herself impersonating the resorts manager’s wife, Bianca Sanders, also pregnant and not wanting any publicity that was not impersonated by Davis Way. It was a lot for a casino security specialist to handle for a day, not to say for the week.

Though I have only been privileged to be on one cruise, I want the next one to be on the Bellissimo’s newest addition, The Probability.  If that cruise was as funny as the book, as exciting as the caper, and as fancy as its maiden cruise, my wife and I would never want to deboard.

My opportunity to board this boat (I mean ship) is slim, but the opportunity to read the book was a hoot. Though it has taken me an extra two to three weeks to write the review, I could not put the book down as I read it. Whether the reader is a fan of cozy mysteries, casinos, or cruise ships, I expect this would make the perfect spring or summer read. The reader will laugh, worry, and celebrate as the protagonists find their way out of the locked room - you will get to visit the submarine, taste some the food provided in the room, and solve the mystery of the Double Knot.  
This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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