Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Murder on the Moor - A Review

Murder On The Moor

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Julianna Deering

A Review

Some books are more than they seem at first glance.  “Murder on the Moor” seemed like nice murder mystery from a familiar author using a familiar set of characters. For this reader, this book was so much more.

First, let me say that this current volume was the best of the series so far. The setting was more clearly defined, the characters are more developed, and the story was inviting throughout. I understand that the author is an experienced writer, but as I read this book I felt as I were watching her grow as she developed the characters. In my first review of a book from this author, I wrote, “This was the most boring book I could not put down.” The current book was neither boring; nor could I put it down.

Second, the author did a great job of using characters from previous stories in the series. Other than an incidental mention, Inspector Birdsong was missing from this adventure. I do hope he returns, especially now that a member of his family is named after his crime fighting nemesis. But Drew, Madeline, and Nick, continue to make a great team of amateur detectives attempting to solve a series of murders on the English Moor and to save themselves at the same time.

Finally, it cannot go without being said that the real value of this book is not in the mystery, but in its presentation of “LOVE” in many forms - both healthy, unhealthy, and misunderstood. Though there were a number of quotable expressions throughout the book, the one that caught my attention and made me think twice about its meaning was Drew’s words spoken near the end of the book: “I expect that’s the way of real love,” he said gently. “It’s rarely, if ever, deserves.” Though it was not spoken about a lovable character, my prayer is that we all can experience that kind of love - being loved more than we really deserve.

I want to thank the author for another great book; and, as I said at the end of my first review, I hope that there will be more.

This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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