Monday, October 3, 2011

Digital Disciple : A Review

Digital Disciple – A Review

by Adam Thomas

Much of my career was spent responding to the role of technology within the church. Adam Thomas' book has attempted to do just that. He recognizes that “the Tech” both provides opportunities to bring people together – people we may never have met except for the technology we have chosen to use. The relationships developed with the Tech are real, they are limited.

“The Tech” also will put up a wall between those same people. Though efforts have been made to incorporate more than two senses into the connections we make, we will be limited to using only 40% of the senses God has given to us when we use the Tech as our communication medium.

Ultimately, the author argues, relationships have to be intentional. Whether they are relationships with people or with God, we need to work at building them. If the relationships are going to be real and deep we must move beyond the limitations placed by the Tech upon those relationships. And that takes work – hard work.

This review is based on an electronic copy of the book
provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating an unbiased review.

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