Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let's Talk About Sin

Let's Talk About Sin


I have been told that it has become unpopular to talk about sin.  Some would say that it has become politically incorrect to refer to sin in the 21st century.  In a world where we learn and see daily that anything goes, how can one speak of doing something wrong.


Yet, of course, we do.  Though "anything goes" we still live in a world of laws - laws made by man.  We do not like to speak of laws that come from a being higher than ourselves, laws that come from God.  Once we focus on laws made by God, we hit the law of immutability.  As long as we only derive our lifestyles from man made laws, we are free to change the law.  But once we admit that God also has laws, we are not free to change those laws.  We must do our best to free ourselves from God's Laws.  We hear that "God does not exist", "God is dead", or "God is irrelevant".  


Yet we do want to hear about the more positive gifts that come from God - things like "forgiveness", "grace", "mercy".  But I have a problem.  Unless we talk about sin (or its synonyms), these terms make no sense.


   Forgiveness has little value, unless I have sinned.
   Grace means nothing, unless I am broken.
   Mercy is not needed, unless I have fallen short of God's expectations.


I do not need to be afraid of sin - mine or someone else's - because unless I know something of sin, I can neither experience God's forgiveness, grace, and mercy; nor can I show it to others.




Pastor Patrick