Friday, October 21, 2011

Pastor's Handbook : A Review

Pastor's Handbook
John Bisago

The last time I read a rewritten classic, I was sorely disappointed. Happily, this was not the case as I read John Bisago's Pastor's Handbook.

I also found myself surprised at the style of the book – I expected to see sample worship service, sample prayers, sample sermon outlines. I found these – but I found so much more. The book is laid out as a series of devotionals – each about 2-1/2 pages in length. Each “devotional” is rooted in scripture, but it is also practical.

Beginning with a series of short devotionals (i.e. essays) on the nature and the origin of the church, the book moves on to more practical matters. The section headings provide a survey of the topics covered:

Part 1: The Church
Part 2: The Pastor as God's Man
Part 3: The Pastor as Spiritual Leader
Part 4: The Pastor as Organizational Leader
Part 5: The Pastor as Preacher
Part 6: Worship Services
Part 7: Programs and Ministries
Part 8: The Church Staff
Part 9: The Church Finances
Part 10: Facilities and Operations
Part 11: Other Important Matters
Part 12: Issues/Taking a Position

A closer look at the table of contents will provide a more detailed look at the subjects covered.

Though the author is now a retired pastor, he does not speak for the graying church. He recognizes the need for the church to be more than it was it was – it will reach out to speak to people from various cultures and different generations.

Though I come from the Wesleyan Church, I found John Bisago's book interesting, helpful and encouraging. Pastors and leaders from across the ecclesiastical spectrum would be assisted in reaching their world for Christ as they take the time to study the 400 pages of the Pastor's Handbook.

I was glad to have the opportunity to read this book

This review is based on an electronic copy of the book provided
without cost by the publisher for the purpose of writing this review.

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