Thursday, October 27, 2011

Technology For Beginning Readers

From Typewriters to Text Messages


Jennifer Boothroyd

[ISBN: 978-0761378389]

I am sitting here with very conflicted feelings about this book. At first, I felt that a book aimed at 1st graders about communications and the Internet was a bit premature. Then I remembered a news item that appeared earlier this week saying that 52% of kids younger than eight are using some kind of mobile device - a smart phone or a tablet - on a daily basis.

With that knowledge, Jennifer Boothroyd book make sense. To the average teen, the books contents would seem strange - full of well known information; but to the 1st grader who is just learning about the role that phones, computers, and communication in his or her world, the book will begin to provide a larger perspective to their quickly developing world.

My only concern is that the vocabulary may be a bit beyond that of a 1st grader - the age group toward which the book seems to be aimed.

Though not designed for the grandparent or even the parent, the book would help a young child begin to become an understanding user of modern technology.

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