Monday, March 5, 2012

The Voice - An Artistic Translation

The Voice - New Testament

A Review

I purchased this book before receiving an electronic review copy. I pre-ordered a copy of the The Voice Bible: Step Into The Story of Scripture on September 29, 2011. I am looking forward to receiving a copy of the completed translation in April of 2012.

I come to this translation with a mixed reaction. The translation is unique in that it is not only translating the words of scripture, but also a sense of the personalities found in the individual authors and speakers seen throughout scripture. How well this is accomplished needs to be addressed by scholars better trained in the original languages than I am.

Having said that, I have found the translation to be interesting and helpful in getting a grasp of purpose of each author. This was accomplished by relying on scholars who were familiar with the original language and scholars, artists, writers, and pastors who were familiar with the best forms of English as a communication medium. Together they have come up with a dynamic translation that communicates the content of the New Testament to our modern culture.

Though I have enjoyed reading this translation - I sometimes stumble over its presentation. Because of this, I would be fearful of using The Voice as my standard Bible. I would want to have a clearly written English translation at my side. At the same time, I enjoy having The Voice at my side as I read my standard translation.

As I wrote earlier, I am looking forward looking forward to having the complete Bible available later this Spring.
This review is based on a copy of the book purchased for personal use. I also received a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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