Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Being Watched

I spent this evening at the Barnes & Noble Cafe. Two events caught my eye. The first was as I left for dinner with my son. At a table in the middle of cafe sat three young men with their heads bowed in prayer. As I walked by, I asked the Lord to bless them wherever life would take them. I doubt that they knew they had been observed.

The second occurred as I returned from dinner. A middle age gentleman was standing holding a copy of "Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream" by David Platt - a fairly well known Christian book. Sadly, he was standing at the magazine counter looking at the "men's" magazines. After picking up one or two copies, he walked away with only the book in his hands. I prayed that God would protect him and the decisions he would be making. Again, I doubt that he knew he was being observed.

I wonder how often I am being observed - without knowing that I am being watched. Oh, wait, God is always there. I am always being watched. Am I glad about what God sees? Am I quick to confess when I realize that I am not in a place - physical or mental - that glorifies Him? Lord, make me as quick to pray about my own state as I was about these four men that crossed my path this evening.

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