Friday, April 26, 2013

King’s Faith

A Movie Review

My wife and I made a last minute decision this evening to see King’s Faith at our local cinema.  Given the normal schedule, we would have skipped - the evening show was labeled as “Sold Out”.  However, the local theater took the opportunity to an additional showing of the film, starting 5 minutes after the originally scheduled showing.

With two Christian movies playing in local theaters simultaneously, I was surprised how popular this evening’s show had become.  At least I was surprised until I watched the film.  The film made it clear that God takes people wherever they may be and moves them in a direction that accomplishes his purposes.   Those changes move across generations, races, and occupations.  God offers all people the opportunity to follow Him - though they do not always do so.

Even the second auditorium was full.  Most of the audience were between the ages of 15 and 25.  There were some sponsors - aged 40-55, and some senior citizens (i.e. yours truly).   The audience let a rousing cheer erupt at the end of the movie - demonstrating their approval of this locally filmed feature.  

If the reader has not yet put this in his or her “to be seen” list for the coming two weeks, add it now - and do not miss King’s Faith.  Perhaps your faith will be challenged, as was mine, by this 108 minute film.

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