Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nook HD+ - A review

Nook HD+

A Review

The Nook HD+ (16GB and 32GB) are on sale ($149 and $179, respectively) this week at Barnes and Noble - both online and in stores.  

The price is excellent and with the addition of Google Play, the product is almost as good as, if not better than, the Kindle Fire.
I received one as an early Father's Day present and have been thrilled.  The HD+ can install the LOGOS Bible Software apps from Google Play.  The Kindle app is also installable on the Nook HD+ - including the ability to send personal files directly to the installed app.  The only drawback, I can see, compared to the Kindle Fire, is the lack of a Flash Player, meaning Amazon video files cannot be played directly.  There is a work around - but it is a Free (or $2.99) app.  The HD+ has a 9 inch screen - great for reading books divided into two columns.  

I have installed a variety of apps that I also have installed on my Kindle Fire - the increased screen size makes these so much easier to use than the smaller Kindle Fire screen.  

I have used a Kindle Fire for about 1-1/2 years, my wife has used a Nook Tablet for about the same time.  Until the Nook HD+ added access to the Google Play Store, the Kindle Fire won the battle hands down. The Kindle Fire HD was my dream machine.  As of this week, I am not so sure, especially given this week's price of less than $200.        
Take a look before the price goes up next week.
NOTE:  In the interest of fairness, I should disclose the following.  Neither I nor my wife received any remuneration for these comments, though my wife is an employee of our local Barnes and Noble.  These prices are so low, we received no additional discount from those quoted above.  The opinions expressed above are mine alone and I did not receive  encouragement of any Barnes and Noble employee.

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