Saturday, November 23, 2013

Start! - A Review

A Review

Start! is a wonderful devotional Bible.  Though designed as a tool for the new believers, its contents will also encourage believers of any age.  

Each Bible book begins with a brief introduction.  The text also contains a good number of smaller devotional thoughts.  For example, Psalm 23:1-6 includes the following note:

When you get right down to it, everything you need in life is found in a growing relationship with God.  When you truly know what it is to say, “The LORD is my shepherd,”  you will also be able to say, “I shall not want.”  You shall not thirst spiritually, for “He leads me beside still waters.”  You shall not want guidance, for “He leads me.”  You shall not be lonely, for “You are with me.”  You shall not want provision, for “You provide a table before me.”  You shall not want for anything, for “my cup runs over.

Additional helps include a brief essay entitled, “ESSENTIALS:  What Every Christian Needs To Know About God And Jesus.”  This is followed by a nice “Topical Index” which borrows both from the content of Scripture and the notes present in the text.  Using the New King James Version, this Bible (whether using the paperback or leather bound version) would serve as a suitable gift or tool for a believer seeking to a deeper understanding of  God and His word.

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