Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Transcending Mysteries - A Review

A Review

Transcending Mysteries is a disappointing look  at the Old Testament as a precursor to Jesus Christ for the current reader.  Though the authors are well-known members of the contemporary music scene, the book never rises to the level of greatness one would hope for.  As this reader made his way through the book it felt as if he were making his way through a scrapbook - a scrapbook composed of pieces cut from the Old Testament, a series of journal entries, and lyrics from hits from the contemporary Christian music scene.  This scrapbook did not make for easy or helpful reading.

Though the connections seemed limited, I did appreciate the book’s use of The Voice as its standard, but not only Bible translation. I also appreciated the use of CCM to support the authors’ written message.  I have occasionally used favorite hymns as the foundation for a sermon series. It may not have worked here, but I do appreciate the effort. I also appreciate the use of two voices, one male and one female, to give meaning to the book’s words.

What could have added to the books value?  Let me suggest things:

  1. The inclusion of an audio CD including performances of the songs highlighted in the book.  I enjoy CCM, but did not know all the songs referenced.
  2. Reading much like a journal, I found many of the entries in this scrapbook to be too personal, rather than scholarly.  Personal may be important to the author, but not so much to this reader.  I would have like to see a greater emphasis on the truth of scripture, as opposed to the truth of scripture “to me (i.e. the author).” In the same vein, many of the entries are responses to the other writer’s comments, rather than to the scripture.    

Having said this, it is not clear to this reviewer where this book might find a home.  It does not seem suitable for use in a college or seminary classroom.  It might be of interest to some who are beginning a study of the Old Testament, but I can think of several more helpful introductory Old Testament texts that I might recommend as a better place to begin a study of the OT.  

Hence, the bottom line is that I was disappointed, though there may be value to the book for some.

This review is based on a free copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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