Tuesday, February 28, 2017

KJV Word Study Bible - A Review

KJV Word Study Bible

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A Review

No, I do not want to review a King James Version of the Bible. Everybody has one, it has been around for 600+ years, and it sounds like grandma’s Bible.

Of course, those are exactly the reasons why I should be reading it. Being written in 1411, it was a good translation and has been used in the Christian Church for 600+ years. But this version has added value - it includes brief word studies of 1700 key words.  Each study includes the Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek transliteration, a set of references demonstrating a variety locations for its use, the Strong Number for the word - allowing for further study, and a brief devotional or explanation of the word suitable for use as a sermon illustration.

Additional value is added by the four indexes included at the rear of this book:

  1. An alphabetical list of word studies by the English words used in the KJV
  2. A list of word studies in Biblical order from Genesis to Revelation
  3. -  4.  Two lists of word studies by the original language using the Strong Numbering system

It is the presence of these word studies and indexes which give this edition of the KJV special value to this reader.  

Whether the reader is a KJV Only believer or prefers some other translation, this Bible belongs on the desk of most pastors working with the scriptures. It may not provide the depth found through the use of a solid Bible software package, but it provides an excellent starting off point for completing a more in depth word study. For similar reasons it belongs in the hands of the studious laymen and in the church library.  

This review is based on a free copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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