Wednesday, March 15, 2017

NIV Faithlife Study Bible - Review

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A Review

A new Study Bible from the same publishers who produce LOGOS Bible Software is worth going “WOW” over. This Bible is a hefty contribution to the scholar’s, pastor’s, student’s, layman’s, and church library - it belongs on the shelf next to other major study Bibles - the ESV Study Bible, HSCB Study Bible, NLT Study Bible, etc. It definitely is not a devotional Bible.

The roots of this work are in the electronic version made available by Faithlife via the LOGOS Bible Software and standalone apps for Android and iOS. Originally designed to be a growing set of notes available through those on-line editions, at some point the editors locked its growth and began editing the resulting work for publication. The result is a printed work that is substantially shorter than the electronic version - but the underlying material is rich and full of insight. A quick estimate suggests that about 85%-90% of the verses have connected comments - many with multiple comments.

Along with the extensive textual notes are 30 essays written by a variety of well-known scholars and educators. Examples include the following:

Douglas Stuart ………… How to Study the Bible
Randy Alcorn ………… Why a Good God Allows Suffering
Lee Strobel ………… Contending for the Faith - Apologetics

Other essays focus on issues related to Bible introduction.  Individual book introductions are included within the normal Bible notes.

As with many Study Bibles, the fonts are a bit smaller than this reader would like to see. Though small, the fonts are clear and sharp - making them readable. The notes include graphics illustrating key points and documenting the ancient history found in the scriptures. Additional helps include a nicely done concordance and maps. The maps are not as detailed as some I have seen at the end of other Study Bibles nor as colorful. The maps found at the end of this work are augmented with maps embedded in the notes that fill in some of the gaps left by the those found at the end of the book.

The bottom line is that this Study Bible is one of the best I have seen in the time I have spent reviewing Bibles. I would think that pastors, Bible students, serious laymen, and others wanting to dig deeper into the scriptures will want this on their library shelf. Local churches would do well to add it to their collection as well as a welcome resource for those looking for a richer study of God’s word within their congregations. I will give this Bible a FIVE-STAR REVIEW.

This review is based on a free copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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