Saturday, October 2, 2010

Code Triage - A Review

Code Triage


Candace Calvert

A Review

“Nothing is forever and ever.” That is what her mother had told her and now Dr. Leigh Stathos believed it. It would take a remarkable set of events and the Grace of God to convince her that her mother was wrong.

When Tyndale first offered a review copy of this book, they called it a “Medical Thriller” - so I asked for the privilege of reading it. They agreed to let me review it; but before my free review copy arrived, I read a second description of the book - “... a Christian romance.” Now I was not sure I wanted to read it. However, when the book arrived a week ago, I decided to give it a try – and it held my interest.

With too very different villains and the others that God put across her path, Dr. Stathos would discover that some things can last “forever and ever.” Like most things in life, it would not be easy, but with her new found faith and the support of her friends and her pet horse, Frisco, she would find a path that for some is too easy to miss.

Though this book is the third of a series, it does stand alone – with new characters in a new city at a new hospital. Only in the epilog does the author bring the characters from all three books together. And, except that I had read the discussion questions found at the back of the book, I would not have known about the crossover between the three books

In spite of my earlier reservations, I would recommend this book for anyone with a sensitive heart. Perhaps, like Dr. Leigh Stathos, they could find that some things are “forever and ever.”

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