Tuesday, October 19, 2010

first things first
Kurt and Brenda Warner

A Review

“first things first” is my second book this month about the people of football. As I said earlier, I am not a football fan, but enjoy reading about people who have made a lasting impact on others. Kurt and Brenda Warner have done this.

Beginning with their first meeting, the books gives a glimpse into their family of seven and “rules” that allowed it to work. Though the “rules” have not been written down – other than a lopsided summary given by the kids as transcribed by a New York Times reporter – the family has allowed life to work for them.

Though Kurt Warner took his time understanding what faith was all about, his decision came, not so much of the testimony of his future wife, as the patient teaching he received from his teammates. But once the decision to follow Jesus was made, it obviously became the core of his life: before his team, before his family, and before his wife. Not to diminish the role of his team, family, and wife – but he had to place first things first.

But the book is not just Kurt's story, it is also his wife's. Each chapter address similar issues of life – first from Kurt's perspective and then from Brenda's. As they lay out the day, Kurt discusses the pattern that defines each day as the kids get ready for school – both in and out of football season. Brenda follows up with an acknowledgment that, with a large family, the pattern that works for Kurt, can, in real life, become quite hectic. The book is an attempt to get a real look at a very real family.

Reading the book has given me an increased appreciation for my wife – and all that she contributes to mine. Though our kids are all out of the house, I learned much of what it means to be a husband in a modern family. If you love football, if you love your family, if you are struggling to make your family work, “first things first” will better prepare you for the job.

This review is based on a free copy received from Amazon.com for use on its PC Kindle app.

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