Monday, September 5, 2011

The Chair
James Rubart

A Review

What does on do when an elderly woman brings in a chair made by “most talented tekton craftman the world has ever known”?

I was drawn to The Chair by James L. Rubart because of his earlier work, Rooms. It too held my attention, but not to the extent that this current did.

The story that unfolded from that event in chapter one to the restoration of the chair and the restoration of the book's characters is a gripping novel that leaves the reader laughing and crying throughout the book. Life is not always what it seems – and we need to leave the hard stuff in God's hands.

We are in a position to miss up our lives – God is in the position to restore us, if we are willing. James L. Rubart delivers that truth well in his current offering, The Chair.

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keri said...

I loved this book. It's a fast-paced suspense novel, but at the heart of it, the story is really about healing--both inner and outer. It was a great blend of suspense, action and a story of someone whose life and heart is unexpectedly transformed. To get a taste of what this book is like, watch this short video “prequel” to the story: