Monday, September 5, 2011

Code Word:Geronimo
Captain Dale Dye and Julia Dewey Dye

A Review

I am not a soldier. I have never been in the military. Though I have learned to appreciate the gift that America's soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, etc., contribute to my life, as I picked up Code Word:Geronimo, I was not sure how I would react.

I found this graphic novel to be encouraging and uplifting. It provided insight into the teamwork, skills, and operations of an army unit in ways that I had not previously seen.

The book is really two books. The first 80% is composed of the graphic novel which illustrates the work of Seal Team 6 on May 1, 2011, in dispatching Osama Bin Laden as he slept in the upstairs bedroom of his home in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The second part of the book, a narrative, describes the selection, the training, and the character of the men and women who make up Seal Team 6. The Navy Seals are a unique group of soldiers – Seal Team 6 consists of the best of the best Navy seals.

Code Word: Geronimo by Captain Dale Dye and Julia Dewey Dye is a relaxing read of a very tense day in the life of the American military. The work they accomplished in May 2011 was amazing and made me proud to be an American.

This review is based on a free, electronic copy provided by the publisher
to allow preparation of this unbiased review.

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