Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Dog That Talked To God : A Review

We do not own a Schnauzer - we own a Shih Tzu. But he does talk. In fact, most people who own dogs know that they can talk. The bigger problem comes when we try to understand what they are saying.

The problem was that Mary Frassler could understand her pet Schnauzer. And he claimed to speak for God. Theologically, one might describe him as a prophet - though I doubt he would claim the title for himself. But he did talk for God and to God:

“How often do you talk with God?” I continued … I wanted to know how this dog came to have a direct line to the Almighty.

“Once a week. Like all the animals.”

“Only once a week?”

“It’s enough for a dog.”

The problem is that nobody else would understand her ability to have a real conversation with Schnauzer. A conversation that would help her past the grief of losing her husband and son, Jacob and John, three years ago. A conversation that would help her to understand the new relationship she was developing with Brian. And a conversation that would help her to renew her relationship with God - a relationship that was seriously damaged when …. why would God take the two most important people in her life away. The accident brought a quick halt to any relationship she had with God or with the church.

I enjoyed the writing. I enjoyed the intentional weaving of new vocabulary words into the story; words like parsimonious, pithy, and torpor. Some I had heard before, some were new, but I had to verify the definitions as I came across them in the story.

Jim Kraus has written an interesting story of how a dog fits into the life of one woman. His role of healer, confidant, and friend, is portrayed in a way that I could clearly see my dog - his sounds, his behaviors, his attitudes - yep, there was Bo Dandy alright. This dog, my dog, can be used by God touch the lives of their humans. Rufus did it in The Dog That Talked To God, Bo Dandy does it in our own lives.

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