Thursday, April 5, 2012

She Danced

I have no idea who she was - her sister and mother sat at a nearby table eating a meal. But now the meal was over. And the music started.

I couldn't hear it but she did. She was only four, probably not even in school. But she heard the music.

How do I know? I saw her dance. As they gathered their trash, she moved away from the table; no, she danced away from the table. She did a pirouette as her mother put her sister in the stroller, which was followed by a curtsy as she reached out to the stroller's handles. She took four steps back and took steps as a ballerina back to her mother.

The dance was over - the family moved on. And though I could not hear it, I could not but wonder if the music did not continue.

What music have I missed? What music have I not heard because I was too busy with life? Maybe, if I learned to listen, I, too, could dance to the music.

Floyd H. Johnson

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