Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Zondervan Essential Atlas of the Bible - A Review

A Review

This atlas is the one that should be in every lay person’s library.  It is the atlas that should be in every church library.  It is the atlas that would be great at the back of every Study Bible - except at 160 pages, it would never fit.  The only exception would be the Zondervan Atlas of the Bible - a 300 page tool from which much of what is in its smaller brother was taken   

The 3-D maps are pleasure to look at and use.  They will assist the reader in understanding the history and travel issues that faced people living in either the Old Testament or New Testament eras.   The maps are detailed; but, as expected, the atlas also includes includes substantial details connecting the history of the scriptures with the land upon which it occurred.   

The atlas divides its contents into two major sections based on Geography and History.  The first five chapters describe the geography of the Holy Land from Egypt to Mesopotamia - examining the topography, regions, weather, and roads that defined the Biblical era as a whole.  The remaining 17 chapters focus on the historical periods that allow the reader to follow the events that occurred from creation to Christ’s life.  The final chapter includes a closer look at the city of Jerusalem - as it changed over time.  

As the introduction points out, this volume will serve as an excellent tool for personal Bible Study, group study, or as ancillary text in Bible School or College.  I would think the seminary or graduate student might prefer having access to the more complete 300 page book from which this book is derived.  It should be noted that the difference in price between the two books is not significant - the user may find it hard to decide between the two based on price.

This review is based on a free copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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