Monday, October 5, 2015

Vendetta - A Review


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A Review

The book begins with Nikki Boyd hanging off the edge of the cliff she and her friend Tyler were attempting to rappel down. Easy enough, except that her rope was caught on a sharpened rock and she was 150 feet below the rock hanging onto the rope that was in danger of being sawed in two by that same rock. That opening scene sets the tone for the remainder of the book.

With the help of her friend, Nikki was able to work her way down the cliff, but no sooner did they begin to relax and the call came that would dangle another rope in her life - a rope that had roots going back years when her sister had been kidnapped and disappeared from the map. A rope that had led her into Law Enforcement generally, and into state’s Missing Person Task Force specifically. Now, another young teen had been kidnapped and the similarities to her sister’s case were too close to ignore.

The author draws the reader into Nikki’s adventure and into the beauty of the surrounding Smoky Mountains, the Obed River, and the rapids which bring tourists each year. Though scheduled for a fall release, the events take place during the early days of spring. The writer also introduces the reader to the (fictional) people that they might meet if they were to visit the area.  With the exception of the kidnapping, the book makes a compelling argument for a visit to the area to enjoy the scenery and the portion of the Appalachian Trail which runs through the area.  

The story will hold the reader’s attention - as the law enforcement team, rangers, and volunteers, attempt to locate the missing child and the person who kidnapped her. Nikki also hopes, really hopes, she might discover what became of her sister so many years ago. With a hint of faith and a very light hint of romance, Vendetta may satisfy many readers of modern thrillers. Be warned, before the reader is through with the book, he or she may miss a few nights of sleep to more quickly find the answers. And expect, as does this reviewer, to be wanting more from Lisa Harris and Nikki Boyd.

This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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