Tuesday, December 1, 2015

NIV Bible For Men - A Review

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A Review

A well-done devotional Bible addressing the things men struggle with.  The devotions are both Biblically sound and applicable to the lives of men living in 21st century America.

Devotions are of two kinds. Two-Hundred-Sixty (one for each weekday of the year) of them are topical devotions. Each focuses on a “key verse” that is then developed within the devotion. Inside each devotion is a one-sentence summarizing its content. Finally, each devotion ends with a boxed “Bring It To Life” - a sentence or two suggesting how the reader can apply that day’s reading.

In additions to the devotions are 52 (one per week) myths that many in the church have swallowed without much thought - for example Myth #30 is “Just use credit now, and pay for it later.”  After stating the myth, the problem and a suggested correction are given within two or three paragraphs.  

I like the fact that the sources of all Devotionals and Myths are well-documented in an index following the Biblical text.  There is also a topical index which allows the reader to find appropriate material whatever the reader’s interest. Though absent, this reader would have liked to see the Devotionals and Myths listed in order as part of the table of contents. This would allow the potential purchaser to quickly see the topics discussed within the various pieces of commentary without thumbing through the whole Bible to see all 310 entries.  

The NIV text is presented in clear type. It includes no footnotes (other than those belonging to the NIV text proper) or cross-references.  Perhaps an enlarged 2nd edition could include these features to add additional value to the book for the male reader.

This Bible would serve as a wonderful gift for the new believer or a devotional Bible for a believer of any age. I expect to enjoy the thoughtful editorial content during the coming year.

This review is based on a free copy of the book provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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