Monday, July 31, 2017

NIV Devotional Bibles for Teen Guys and Teen Girls - A Review

NIV, Revolution Bible
The Bible for Teen Guys

NIV Revolution Bible.cover.jpg
NIV, True Images Bible
The Bible for Teen Girls

NIV True Images Bible.cover.jpg


A Review

Zondervan has created a pair of devotional Bibles for guys and girls. Though marketed together, they are aimed (?) at separate audience based on gender. They both contain helpful comments and inviting full-color pages designed to draw the reader into the text. The comments in each are generous throughout.

Though each contains an abundance of comments, the comments are not parallel or complements of each other. In fact, many of the comments in both are not as gender specific as the titles might suggest. A great majority of the comments could be included in a gender neutral Bible designed for a general teen readership. It is this reviewer’s opinion, that by not seeing the comments in both Bibles, significant and important teaching will be missed.

The most gender specific features of each edition are the colors chosen for the comments and sidebars. The guys’ Bible uses a light blue background for comments, the girls’ Bible uses a light (in some cases, too light) pink background for comments. Also, the full-color pages in the “True Images Bible” are also obviously aimed at a traditional feminine audience. The same is not true for the “Revolution Bible”; these full-color notes are truly gender neutral.

This reviewer would recommend that copies of both Bibles be made available to members of all genders - either through a library (one copy of each) or a classroom collection of Bibles (with multiple copies of each edition being available for the whole class) so that comments from both editions can be read by all. Of course, parents will need to choose the Bible most appropriate for their own child, assuming they will be purchasing a single copy for their child.
This review is based on free copies provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review. The opinions are mine alone.

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