Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nearing Home
Billy Graham

How does a man who has been preaching, in one form or another, for over seventy years, a man who has shared his faith with twelve presidents, a man who is probably more well known than any spiritual leader alive today, still manage to inspire and encourage believers? By writing his memoirs and sharing his life, both as lived in the past and as experienced today, with the world he served.

Billy's writing is true and honest – both as he talks about his losses and his joys. He cannot wait to get home, but he also wants to live what years God gives to him to His glory. And as he writes, he asks the same of us.

As I slowly enter what most would consider elderly (I am sixty), I serve as the pastor/chaplain of a group of men and ladies who are ten to twenty years older than I. Graham provides me with goals for myself and for those I serve. My prayer is that I may be as encouraging as Billy Graham is to his readers when, and if, I reach the age of 93.

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