Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Secret To Die For - A Review

A Secret To Die For

Lisa Harris

A Review

Lisa Harris is one of my go to authors. She has written another attention holding title for the suspense audience.

Psychologist Grace Callahan’s home was being broken into. She managed to escape after getting shot at a couple of times. She got off easy. Later that morning she would find that one of her counseling clients had been murdered the previous evening. And that was just the start of the week’s excitement.

Terrorist were determined to take down the electrical grid across the US - much as had occurred in the Northeastern United States in 2003, except then it was a software glitch, not terrorist. Grace’s client had been hired to find and patch holes in the software controlling the grid - except those who hired him were the terrorists and they were trying to prevent the utility infrastructure from installing a patch that would prevent their taking down the utilities. And would do just that in a matter of hours.

Detective Nathaniel (Nate) Quinn had drawn the (un)lucky straw to follow the death of Steven Shaw, Grace Callahan’s client. Nate had two strikes against him. First, it was his first day on the job after a three month break after his previous team and partner had been killed in an explosion related to a previous case. He was left with a case of PTSD that was not yet completely addressed. The second strike was that he had gone to college with Grace Callahan - she had married his best friend. That marriage had broken up shortly after their daughter had died from Leukemia. Now, neither Nate nor Grace were sure they were ready for a serious relationship - especially in the midst of a crisis that might effect the entire country.

The plot is well developed and believable - involving multiple policing agencies. kidnappings, automobile accidents, murders, and robberies, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs that the detective and his colleagues would need to follow in order to protect their key witness and their country.

The story is told well - with a single exception. The climax is weak. This reader felt as if the solution to the story popped out of nowhere. It came not of result of good police work, but because of the totally disconnected piece of evidence was dropped into the detective’s lap.

Despite the small disappointment, the book was a heart stopper. It allows the reader to examine the impact loss of various kinds can have on people. It also delves into the significant role faith can have on individuals as the deal with that loss. Lee Harris has done a great job of examining those questions as Nate and Grace reflect on the various losses that have been a part of their individual lives.

Fans of Lee Harris’ work, of Christian suspense, and of techno-thrillers will find the reading rewarding.
This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review. The opinions are mine alone.

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