Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Fair Game - A Review

Fair Game

Annette Dashofy

The Monongahela County Fair was the perfect setting for the most recent cozy mystery from Annette Dashofy. With the midway, the 4-H Pony Barn, the show arena, and the many concession stands, would make those from rural America right at home. The county, being located in SE Pennsylvania, allowed this reviewer to feel like he belonged here.

Zoe Chambers had been raised with 4-H, but now was showing her Quarter Horse gelding, Windstar, for the first time in 20 years since leaving 4-H behind. But she felt at home as she moved in and out of the horse barn with the kids and teens who were showing their own work. Showing her horse was not her main assignment at the fair, she was part of the EMT Squad who stood on standby in the event of an accident or other injury. And like in the past, she found herself involved with murder.

It did not help that the local township Police Chief, Pete Adams, was her boyfriend. Her training as an EMT prepared her to wear one other hat - Assistant County Coroner. Together Zoe Chambers and Police Chief Adams and other members of the community would need to solve, not one, but two murders, that had roots in the events happening on the fair grounds that week.

The book is a fun read, one of the better cozy mysteries I have had the pleasure of reading this spring. For parents of 4-H kids or those with a history in 4-H, the book will bring back memories. The book will serve as a pleasant (mostly-hey, murder is murder) spring or summer read as one contemplates fair season in the coming months. It will fit well into the local county or town library - especially for those residing in non-urban spaces that fill much of America. Take off your shoes, put up your feet, and enjoy Fair Game.
This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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