Friday, January 21, 2022

Long Overdue at the Lakeside Library - A Review


Long Overdue
at the
Lakeside Library


Holly Danvers

A Review

This fun cozy mystery is set in upstate Wisconsin along the shores of Pine Lake. Though the lake, the community, and the people, are fictional, many of us can identify with the environment which Rain Wilmot (known as Rainy to her friends) has chosen to call home. The author presents us with the second book centered around the privately owned public library which is beginning to be a year-round draw for the larger community. Though fictional, I wish I could visit.

Rainy’s best friend’s husband has been locked up for murder. It now becomes Rainy’s, Rainy’s best friend Julia, and Julia’s brother Jace, task to “figure out how to fix that.” To do that would put Rain, Julia, and other members of the Pine Lake community in danger.

I had one disappointment with the book - one about which I will keep my mouth shut. Having spent four years in Wisconsin, it was easy to picture the cold, snowy, icey, winter weather, in which the story takes place. I can easily place myself in Rainy’s place as she finds herself in the ditch along a dark, snow cover road. I have been there! The plot, the setting, and the characters, easily make this a 4-½ star book.
This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review. The opinions expressed are mine alone.

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