Thursday, February 22, 2018

NKJV Faithlife Illustrated Study Bible - A Review

NKJV Faithlife
Study Bible

A Review

Zondervan and Faithlife are offering a new edition of their Faithlife Study Bible - this one with lots of illustrations - most in color or using colored shading on text:

He is not the of the -res= 
Gee-s statement 2E) is ir 
ts F-s tat result 
IS tectcecty 
a—rms E :erscn-s zciié> 
Gee his (Q ECL —s 
alt-ces z % 
Z --æ=crZ E.zri« .'L 
IZZ SES •cz -ur 
Major Groups in Jesus' Time 
A Jewish pey 
chat2<sri2Ed Sy st-i:t 
A Jeais> 
A iay cetty 
Gerizi.• c: 
A anti-Ronan 
je#sh and 
religious is 
debate about 
this goup existed in an 
organized way b±te 
fre First Jewsh Rea* cf 
AD 66-73. 
Acts 1:13æ1: 
He is not the God of the dead 
I love God with his or her uncle the 1 30 Fris 

The study notes are edited from the previous version - some added, some deleted, some edited. Along with the extensive textual notes are 30 essays written by a variety of well-known scholars and educators. Examples include the following:

Douglas Stuart - How to Study the Bible
Randy Alcorn - Why a Good God Allows Suffering
Lee Strobel - Contending for the Faith - Apologetics

Other essays focus on issues related to Bible introduction.  Individual book introductions are included within the normal Bible notes.

The earlier version of this Study Bible was based on the NIV, this newest edition is rooted in the NKJV. Both are well-respected translations - I will let others comment on the pros and cons of using each translation for personal study. Though Greek and Hebrew were a part of my seminary studies, it has been 40+ years since I originally studied it. Most of my career was spent learning computer languages - I know more about COBOL, C++, and Java, than the Biblical languages at this point. I appreciate the variety of translations and their collective contribution to my understanding of the Biblical text.

This Study Bible is well suited for students, pastors, church libraries, and others wanting a deeper understanding of the scriptures.
This review is based on a free copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review. The opinions are mine alone.

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