Thursday, March 1, 2018

High Treason - A Review

High Treason

DiAnn Mills

A Review

Most of Houston TX was concerned about the rain and the resulting flooding that was inundating the city. The CIA and the FBI were more concerned about the threat to Saudi Prince Omar bin Talal and his family.

The Prince and his sisters had arrived with their mother to receive treatment for the cancer that was ravishing her body at MD Anderson Cancer Center. There were also hopes of building bridges with the oil industries that made their home in Houston.  But none of that could take place if the assassins could find a way to kill members of the family.

The FBI (represented by Special Agent Kord Davidson) and the CIA (represented by Operative Monica Alden) had the responsibility for protecting the Prince and his family. They both had teams of agents working in the background, both in the US and overseas, but they, along with the Prince’s own security detail, would have the job of riding shotgun with the Royal Family.

Attacks would continue to come - bombs, poison, guns, kidnapping, and fraud - nothing was beyond the realm of possibility. And a resolution would only come with the Prince’s life literally dangling in mid-air. 

The book is a thriller - with twists and turns. Unsure who to trust, the characters and the reader will be on their toes until the very end. Both of the two protagonists would have their faith challenged and changed during the time they are forced to work together - coming to the case with unresolved issues in their past.

At times, the stories pace was a bit slower than I would have liked, but well worth the time spent reading it. Whether the reader is looking for an international thriller, a faith-based novel, or an early Spring read, High Treason may fill the need.

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