Monday, August 13, 2018

Senior Moments With The Bible - A Review

A Review

A year-long devotional book written for a senior audience. Each month focuses on one or two themes. For example, January has the following daily readings:

January 1 Living One Day at a Time
January 2 The Habit of Trusting God
January 3 The Biblical Path to Happiness
January 4 Establish High Priorities
January 5 The Importance of One Person
January 6 To God Every Person Has Value
January 7 God Hears Our Prayers
January 8 Seeking to Do God’s Will
January 9 Praying in the Name of Jesus
January 10 Living by Faith
January 11 Live for Today
January 12 Created Again in Christ
January 13 Keep on Doing Good
January 14 Good Works Glorify God
January 15 The Little Person in the Eye of God
January 16 The Beatitudes: God’s Value System
January 17 The Beatitudes: God Comforts
January 18 The Beatitudes: Blessed are the Meek
January 19 The Salt of the Earth
January 20 Singing the Lord’s Song
January 21 Following the Shepherd
January 22 Being Light in a Dark World
January 23 Loving Others
January 24 Keeping Our Eyes on Christ
January 25 Trusting in God for Guidance
January 26 Sing a New Song unto the Lord
January 27 Worship the Lord Today
January 28 Consider the Lilies
January 29 Faith Abides
January 30 Hope Abides
January 31 Love is Forever

Each entry consists of a brief quote from the scriptures and a paragraph or two of devotional thoughts.

Though the book is titled “Senior Moments”, I see nothing in the devotions themselves that make them particularly designed for seniors. Re-titling the book “Feminine Moments” could just as easily make the book a welcome addition to a woman’s busy schedule. Titles could re-aim the book toward a masculine audience, or a college student. Having said that, there is nothing in the book that would suggest that it would not be appreciated by seniors or other adults in our churches.
This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review. The opinions expressed are mine alone.

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