Thursday, February 13, 2020

British Murder - A Review

British Murder

Leslie Meier

This book felt like I hit the jackpot - I was able to read two books for the price of one. English Tea Mystery was originally published in 2011. British Manor Mystery was originally published in 2016. The publisher has now combined them into a single volume - making for a longer, but still enjoyable, read

The first book has the reader joining an academic trip to Britain. Much of the book reads more like a travel guide than a cozy mystery. Without the murders, the book could almost be used as the itinerary for a week-or-two visit to England. The country was beautiful. It would be nearly a perfect trip except when Professor George Temple, the group’s leader, died on the group’s flight from New York to London. Lucy Shaw and her travel companion, Sue Finch, would continue to question the death for the entire trip. It was not quite the experience they had signed up for

The second book arises because of a brief contact that Sue had made during that first trip. Lucy was depressed - her family was growing up and moving away. To pull her out of her depression Sue invites her to join her on a trip back to England to display portions of her hat collection in a curated display at Moreton Manor, the ancestral home of Perry and Poppy. It went well until bodies started popping up in unlikely places - the very center of a complex maze located on the property and behind the walls of a hidden room that could only be discovered by following the smell or counting the windows on the outside of the manor’s tower. Lucy was again going to discover that murder does not make a great vacation.

Two well-written cozy mysteries make for a fun week of reading. Unless the reader or library already has one or both of these books in their collection, this book would make a good addition to that collection.

This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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