Friday, July 29, 2011

Walking Into Walls - A Review

Walking Into Walls - A Review

Most people have walls - walls that we have been given by others or walls that we have built ourselves - that originated in our past, but no longer serve us well. Stephen Arterburn's new book provides tools that will help identify, understand, and move through, around, or over, those walls. Walls built in the past "block the work God wants to do". Weaving scripture and personal stories together to make for a powerful resource to help those of us keeping walls in place to face them squarely.

Walking Into Walls by Stephen Arterburn reminds me of the "bibliotherapy" I discovered 20 years ago. It helped me then, it helped me again - reminding me of ideas and principles that made a difference in my life. Though I expected to read a good book; I ended up reading a helpful book. Perhaps it will help others as well.

This review is based on an electronic review copy of the book provided by the publisher.

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